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Monday, 22 August 2011

Anna & Indians- Story of Pied Piper (Anna) and Confused Rats (Indians)

Pied Piper- A person whose aura and vibe makes you follow them, without questioning the logic. You just get mesmerized. Problem is, we have had many Pied Pipers and most of them have led us to the ditch. Will Anna be any different?

Here is the logical explanation, according to me, as to why we are in some real shit. Need to go back to pre-independence times and dig stuff from there-

1. Since around a few 500 years back, we have been a country obsessed with Power- We take glory in dividing society into tiers. Those at lower level are known to kiss the Asses of higher ups. And take pride in it.

2. During the British Raj- Many Indians joined British and fought against countrymen. Reason- "Might is Right". Result- People kissing Asses of Britishers, in fact most of them took pride in the fact that they were "distinguished" few who could speak to Goras and took pride in sucking up to them.

3. Post- Independence- What has changed? We are still obsessed with Goras, though not ruled by them; We still flaunt our contacts- "Do you know who I am? Jaanta nahi main kisko janta" hoon?"; We still have not learned to use our brains and intelligence independently. Still depend on "Herd Mentality"- I will do what others do.

4. What does this imply on our Democracy? "I will vote for that party, cos others are voting for it"; Whenever an elected leader comes to power, people treat them like they are God's gift to Mankind- They will be sucked up to and their Asses will be kissed; till there is a Strong Allegation or strong shift in Public Opinion. Then there is a new Ass to Kiss. How many asses have been kissed in last 60 years? We always like to "Watch and Follow" than "Wait, Think, Watch and Follow". Hence, the person whom we tend to follow in most cases goes unscrutinized and his Ass, is kissed.

5. In this case it is Anna- The PR Propaganda of the century- Din't we all know corruption exists? Din't we all know lakhs of crores have been lost due to corruption? Agreed, we needed a movement against Corruption. But where will it lead us? People argue Anna is 75 and has no reason to struggle so hard and is hence, a Nationalist. I argue- "Was he sleeping till he was 74?" Does anyone know consequences of Lokpal? With a weak PM and weak Govt, we need some asses to kiss, don't we? And of course the Herd Mentality- Lighting candles, marching, shouting, gathering is sexy right? Voting is not, right?

Fact is- We are obsessed with Super Powers; We are obsessed with Powerful People; till an extent that we almost invite them to exploit us; We are naive enough to believe that following Anna will solve our Problems. There was no Short Cut and there will never be!! Short Cuts only create Pied Pipers and you are reduced to hapless Rats..

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