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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mr. Modi- Please pay us!

As per the mail sent by Indian CAG team, on April 19, 2014,  the payment shall be released within 2 weeks. Will update once the payment is received. 

Big thanks to everyone who has supported this. The idea is to ensure everyone gets the due for what they do. 



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  2. This is not what you expect from a leader of our country. Good post. We need such acts to be viewed by the public.

  3. Everyone should find out what kind of chor Narendra Modi is.

  4. Dear Mr. Director, I am non political too. But let me ask you some questions before i form my opinion; who issued Work Order CAG or BJP? If CAG issued you the work order how is BJP liable to pay you? Secondly, How is Narendra Modi involved in it? Do you believe that any organisation like BJP or Congress functions like lala ka dukaan? I am sure that for such issues or work they have thier own hiearchy and protocol. Last but not least, hope you have gone through your Non Disclosure Agreement if any, before putting up this post. will wait for your views

    1. Thanks Anand. Till I posted this article, I didn't hear from anyone for over 3 months. This got popular today and I got a call from them offering to settle the matter at the earliest. Hope that answers the question :)

  5. When top honchos in corporate like Kingfisher/Sahara are in dock over non payment and even SC has taken strong cognizant of it you cannot hide behind hierarchy bullshit. What is due must be paid. Yes Mr. Modi is correct man to be asked.