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Friday, 28 December 2012

Every Rape is a Gang Rape- Caused by a Billion People

Every Rape is a Gang Rape- Caused by a Billion People

Every India, every Citizen of this world lays foundation for a Rape. 

At different points in time, our thought and actions, knowingly or unknowingly justifies superiority and authority of Males over Females.

Superiority and Authority may be passable in eyes of most, referred to as 'Chauvinism' by some but they certainly lay foundations for the next step, which is Dangerous- "The thought that they OWN females". 

I have come up with a a list of possible actions you would have committed, you HAVE committed rather, so have I. Not that we all rape, but some people do not know the limits. 

Identify Yourself and ask yourself questions. Keep a track of questions where you find yourself guilty. 

Read Section A IF you are a MALE (else Scroll Down)- 

SECTION A (For Males)

- As a Kid, had you ever taken for granted that your sister/sister equivalent would do the Housework- Cleaning, Cooking, Helping Parents etc even if you were free, cos it is "Women" work?

- Have you ever passed generalised remarks on women based on their driving abilities, etc?

- Ever referred to a girl as Maal/Item?

- Have you ever made fun of a girl who has better sporting/physical attributes than you and called her a Tomboy or something inappropriate? Maybe cos you were insecure?

- Have you ever hated the fact that a Female Counterpart earns more than you?

- Have you admired models on FTV, but got alarmed when a girl you knew, wore something remotely similar?

- Do you drink/smoke, but get alarmed at girls who do the same and call them uncultured?

- Have you questioned a girl's character just because you didn't get the desired response from her for your interest?

- Have you referred to your friend, who has 'scored' over many women in a heroic manner, but discussed about a girl, who has seen multiple men, as 'Sluts'?

- Have you ever assaulted or hit your Girlfriend or Wife? Do you know any friend who does so, and kept mum about it?

- Have you or your family demanded or accepted dowry?

- Have you ever silently watched a Woman get abused/molested and not done anything about it?

SECTION B (For Females)

- Have you ever restrained yourself from doing something you like just because you are a Female?

- Ever gone into believing that you should be submissive or homely, while men can be ambitious?

- Ever ceded your decision making power to your Husbands/Boyfriends just because they are of the opposite sex?

- Have you ever let any Male, be it your Father/Boyfriend/Husband treat you in a certain demeaning way because of your gender?

- Have you ever let go of an assault by a known/unknown person because you felt powerless?

So, I do not really care how many questions you are guilty about. But glad that you read this. And are asking questions.

Rape happens when Men find themselves extremely Powerful and Women find themselves (and have made themselves) extremely Vulnerable. We are all responsible for it.

While Rape is a heinous, our Society, Culture, Values and Behaviour lay very foundations for one. At some level, we all have created conditions conducive for a Rape. Unknowingly, but truly. We can blame Government, Law, Police etc but rape happens by people who have grown up in a Society, Accepted by it and also groomed by it. Going to Jantar Mantar, India Gate is great. But when you're back from there, please take some time to introspect and change yourself. For Good.

We need to change how we think. Now.

Thanks Braveheart! You've made us think and you have made us who we are today.


  1. Varun, you have brought out the 'mindset' change that we need in our society. These attitudes at their extreme are responsible for the crimes against women.

    We all have a responsibility (Men AND Women), to ensure that we change our attitude, and our way of living. You couldn't have laid it down better. Great Work.