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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dude, F1 is in town!! Feel aa gayi

Sports is purest form of love and the best thing that could have ever happened to you, is getting hooked on to a Sport, or Sports. Luckily, Indians are looking beyond Cricket and Sporting Culture is in its infancy.

With F1 happening today, we try to understand how well we really understand the Sport!

Formula 1 (my conversation with an "avid" F1 fan, his face painted red with a prancing horse on it and is all set to leave for Buddha Park Stadium)- 

Me- Dude, wassup?
Fan- Today's the Big Day man, Raceday. Indian Grand Prix is happening and I have a VIP Class Pass

Me- Awesome, which team do you support?
Fan- Of course, Ferrari! We rock the world

Me- So, who are the drivers in Ferrari?
Fan- Michael Schumacher and...... 
(My eyes pop out, looking at me he realizes and then blurts out) "Massa & Alonso"- like a school student who has memorized answers and has given wrong answer to the wrong question

Me- So, why Ferrari, why not Mclaren? Why not Force India
Fan-  Because..... Yaar.. they are faster... And Force India Indian hai yaar.. Mallya ki team hai.. Fraud aadmi hai woh
Me- But hey, don't you support RCB in IPL?

He tries to come up with something

Me- Ok Chuck it.. You think they'll win the Constructors?
Fan- Sorry, din't get you.. Win what?? This is Indian Grand Prix (G-r-a-a-n-d P-r-i-c-k-s) Right?

Me- How many teams are participating?
Fan- 9, 10, 11?- Mostly saare bekaar hai yaar.. Arre yaar.. don't be a Spolisport.. It's because of people like you that we don't do well in other Sports..

I grin

My take-
- Important to know the culture of any sport before you start following it
- If you don't feel the adrenalin and  desire for any team to win, sometime after starting to follow the sport, it is possibly not meant for you
- Don't follow herd mentality to support a team/player. Have your own opinion

It's great F1 is in India. But we need to be better follower of a Sport to enjoy the best of what they have to offer

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